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Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson

Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson is a Norwegian post-rock band, formed by journalism students in Bodø in 2003.

Their first demo, recorded in early 2004, consisted of everything from pop, via country and punk, to long and dreamy post-rock tunes. They decided they liked the latter genre, represented by the song “A List Not To Be Read At Your Wedding”, the best, and thus started making more songs similar to that one.

During the following year they recorded a series of songs in their school’s bomb shelter, six of which ended up on their debut album, Unnoticeable In A Tiny Town, Invisible In The City, released on their own newly started label, How is Annie Records.

“Unnoticeable…” received a number of quite complimentary reviews nationally. Norway’s largest and longest running online music newspaper, Panorama, called it “A flood of feelings” and “world class post-rock”, deeming it the second best Norwegian album of 2005. They were hailed as the Norwegian newcomers of the year by the magazine Puls. Their début also made it into The Silent Ballet’s top 50 list of 2005. The Silent Ballet’s reviewer was taken by the band’s “warm, honest approach to song writing through gentle guitars and smooth drumming”.

In 2010, they released the self-titled follow-up, which was a continuation and expansion of their mix of old-school emo and modern post-rock. The physical release came as two discs (entitled Puzzle and The Detective)) in a 32-paged A5 book with art by Hans Hansen and Hanne Grieg Hermansen. The album was well received by critics.