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Bakhtinians is a Norwegian band named after the Russian language philosopher Mikhail Mikhailovich Bakhtin, whose theories of polyphony and heteroglossia make utterances through music a base for multivoicedness and diverse world views.

Drawing on a range of influences, from post-rock/punk to prog, jazz, ambient and alternative music in general, Bakhtinians inherits a brooding and atmospheric sound. Henning Anthonsen’s somber baritone voice accompanied by eerie and droning guitars together creates a dark and angst-ridden theme. The music is dynamic, ranging from a mere marimba and vocals to intense periods of noisy guitars and a rough-edged rhythm section.

Bakhtinians’ debut album ”Gentle Steps and Smiles” will be released in January 2015. Prior to that a 7” will be released in August 2014.

As a part of their album release each song will be accompanied with video art, animations and performance art done by artists with their own interpretations of the songs. First tasters is now available, the song “Epilogue”. Video is done by the artist Andreas Schille.

”Gentle Steps and Smiles” was recorded and mixed by Marius Dalen Letnes, produced by Bakhtinians and mastered by Magnus Kofoed, all of the above at Brygga Studio in Trondheim.

Bakhtinians consists of Henning S. Anthonsen (vocals), Sjur Dagsland (guitars, horns and sound effects), Sindre Dagsland (bass, saxophone), Marius Dalen Letnes (guitars and sound effects), Daniel Elide (drums), Thore Warland (drums), Anders Kristiansen (marimba, vibraphone, percussion), Carl Tomas Nising Sandvold (guest artist; cello).

… and through a combination of utterances, heteroglossia emerged.


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