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The pioneering alternative rock group Soup have been around for a while. Critics have been hailing both their albums and their live shows, and they have step by step started to be recognized for their genre-breaking music. Full disco includes: Give It An Empire(2005), Come On Pioneers(2007), Children Of E.L.B(2010), Entropia(2012), DUUN, and The Beauty Of Our Youth(2013), Both Children Of E.L.B and The Beauty Of Our Youth have been in collaboration with graphic wizzard Lasse Hoile, more known for his work with british prog legends Porcupine tree. Hans Magnus “Snah” Ryan from Motorpsycho co-produced the E.L.B. album, and Mogwai’s audio boss Paul Savage crafted the sonics on The Beauty Of Our Youth. Soup’s sound lies somewhere in the landscape of bands like Pink Floyd, Godspeed, Sufjan Stevens, Mogwai and Sigur Ros, with a strong sense of dynamics and melancholy in the band’s backbone.

The latest album:
With The Beauty Of Our Youth, the quartet utilizes their expression fully, delivering a dynamic and honest album filled with a spine-chilling nerve. It is melodic, dynamic, and diverse.

The Beauty Of Our Youth is a manifestation of the northern melancholy, derived from the mossy woods and the foggy mountains diving brutally into the sea. It holds some of the spirit inherited from Edvard Grieg, still crossing over from classic-, to soundtrack-, rock- and electronic music.

The album is mixed by Paul Savage (Mogwai, Franz Ferdinand), and graphically shaped by Lasse Hoile (Porcupine Tree, Steven Wilson).