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100 x light green/bone white
200 x black vinyl

1. Parched Rivers, Branches Bare (08:01)
2. Abandoned Houses (03:32)
3. An Altered Perspective (09:51)

Side B:
1. Tarpeian Rock (03:40)
2. Road To Avernus (08:54)
3. Into The Void (09:38)

Avernus is an evocative and intense album. It takes you on an atmospheric journey to the underworld and back, and is a true testimony that the band has perfected the expression they gradually developed over the previous two releases. The band still experiments and improvises a lot but this time it’s more carefully planned. SVK will dazzle you with a blend of melancholic, almost cinematic soundscapes, hypnotic drums, groovy bass, and
atmospheric layers of keyboards, synths, cello and guitars.

“Avernus” was recorded in Copenhagen, Denmark and Trondheim, Norway, by Marc Casanovas and the band. Gary Bromham (Sheryl Crow, Björk) has mixed the album in collaboration with the band, and Neil Pickles took care of the mastring. Ståle Storløkken (Supersilent, Elephant 9, BOL and more) appears on two tracks, and the artist Ingri Haraldsen has done the artwork.