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2LP, DOOG016


100 x clear/black splatter vinyl
200 x black vinyl

Side A:
Premonition Void, The Aftermath

Side B:
House of Cards
The Stonebreaker

Side C:
Back of the Beyond
Gravity Well

Side D:
Eyes Look Down From Above

“The only journey is the one within.” – Rainer Maria Rilke

On “Come Midnight”, Adrift for Days have retained the smoky, psychedelic, heaviness that they’ve become known for, while also ambitiously expanding their sound. This sprawling album incorporates elements of doom, drone, stoner, sludge, blues, ambience, psychedelic rock, and post-metal. As a result, the album as a whole is hard to pin Down to a single style or genre.

The concept behind “Come Midnight…” is grounded in an existential search for meaning in a universe that at times can seem pitiless and indifferent.

This is not a simplistic glorifi cation of drug-taking; nor is it an album that falls into the trappings of vague, occultist worship. “Come Midnight…” is an intense, dynamic and deeply personal album that takes you for a nightmarish trek into the depths of man’s soul. It the soundtrack for journeyers, for seekers, and for wanderers engaged in their own search. We sincerely hope you enjoy it.

Pre-order date: Oct 29th
Release date: Nov 28th