Doognad Records


Demonic Death Judge

The finnish stoner/sludge metal group Demonic Death Judge join Clagg in securing Doognad’s passion for heavy music. Their brutal and inyerface music is so good that they could be defined as “the most promising metal act” in northern Europe hadn’t they already released a handful releases already and toured with acts like The Midnight Ghost Train, Shrinebuilder, Entombed, White Hills, Ufomammut, Ghost Brigade, Sigiriya and many more.


„a band that beats all the new comers of Rise Above records.“ 5/5 – Soundi Magazine

„Demonic Death Judge is in fact the band, which Mastodon should now be. “ 4½/5 – Rumba magazine

„an absolute masterpiece and one of the definitive must have albums of 2012“ –

„Demonic Death Judge does everything right…“ 4/5 –

„Demonic Death Judge’s fifth release is a metal stoner’s dream.“ 4/5 –