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1099 band


1099 are Anders Kalland (guitar), Kristian Krokfoss (guitar, piano), Lars-Erik Berg (bass) and Pål Leer (drums, saxophone). They are from Trondheim and have two earlier releases. You can listen to both on their bandcamp site.

Here at Doognad we like to think we have a good overview on the local post rock scene in Norway and we like to think we’ve a good, keen eye for the best bands and the best records. Being from the small country of Norway, we also felt that we knew about every band at home that did interesting work in the field of post rock.

Well, we were wrong. 1099 managed to slip entirely beneath our radar and it was a welcome surprise to discover their previous releases on bandcamp. You can also imagine our satisfaction when we then found out that they were in the process of recording a new album. O joy!

1099 manages to combine influences from several genres; but still preserving a unique signature.

Based on their previous output we wanted Doognad to release their new record on the best format – vinyl – and luckily the band agreed. The result is about to be unleashed on a seemingly unexpectant world and is surely to become one of the big surprises in norwegian rock this year!