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SONANCE is a 5-piece band from Bristol, UK and blend elements of doom, noise, sludge, drone and ambient.

Their debut offering, LIKE GHOSTS comes in two halves, totalling just under 42 minutes.

Each part is an atmospheric heaping of interwoven arrangements, detailed and droned stretches that subside into sludge filled chasms as the bass pushes you through the floor and lifts dust from the walls. The record was written and rehearsed in a confined practice room in which the waves of sound could literally be felt shuddering up through your lungs and out of your mouth.

So far drawing comparisons with latter era Scott Walker/Bohren & Der Club Of Gore/Godspeed You! Black Emporer/Badalamenti/Janek Schaefer/Stapleton and Tibet/Gnaw Their Tongues/Abandon/Khanate/Corrupted, the band have made a promising impact via their live shows and have two tours of the UK and Europe booked for March/May 2013

SONANCE started a year and a few months ago and began to find its feet in early 2012, in front of a wall of amps and live visuals.


“…placid moments eventually build into a crushing, lurching rhythmic steamroller, driven by nagging, insistent high-end atonal guitar and a relentlessly rolling rhythm section, as all the while muffled screams struggle to emerge from the cloying tar-black sound that almost engulfs everything.” – The Sleeping Shaman

“From time to time, when i think that nowadays nothing can surprise me anymore in terms of heavy music, one of these precious gems surface and as my ears are flooded with such great music i silently whisper a sincere: “Holy shit…“.” – Cvlt Nation

“Sonance have the key to unlocking your worst nightmares and on this evidence I want more of them. Like Ghosts is an experience you all have to take once in your life. It ain’t pretty but it’s one of the best musical experiences I have taken in 2012.” – Sludgelord

“Like Ghosts, their debut album, doesn’t seek to impress you with fancy artwork or clever song titles. Instead, it aims to impress you with its diversity and competence. The two songs on this album total in at around 40 minutes and together they form a musical journey through bitterness, despair and redemption” – Tzeeeac

“In only the 1st minute they explore 3 musical universes and in each one they are stunning. Their atmospheric post-rock sludge is of an incredible quality” – Dim Dam Doom